Montecarlo of Lucca is a beautiful town born in the middle-ages, situated on a hill that dominates all the flat surrounding area. Rich in olives and vineyards, Montecarlo produces top quality olive oil and red and white wines marked D.O.C..

Montecarlo is crossed by the "Wine and Olive Oil Street of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia", a fantastic food and wine tour where you can visit wine cellars and farms tasting local products such as wines, olive oils, cheese, soups and other products.

The town of Montecarlo has many local and national festivals and events during the whole year with various subjects: food, wine, cultural, musical and artistic, folkloristic, motor vehicle sector and others.

A visit to the Fortress of Cerruglio, the ancient town situated on the hill dominating the valley, the small and delightful Rassicurati Theatre and the natural walks and trekking routes make of Montecarlo a wonderful town to see and live.

Montecarlo was born after the destroy of the nearby town Vivinaia, due to the invasion of the Florentines. Lucca decided to move the town on Cerruglio hill with its fortress that became extremely important during the wars that followed. In 1333, the emperor Carlo IV from Boemia officially baptized the town of Montecarlo.

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