Serchio River Valley

The Serchio River Valley is a mixture of hills and mountains surrounding the river called Serchio that flows from Garfagnana  (north) to Lucca (south). This area includes the following towns: Barga where the poet Giovanni Pascoli lived for a while, Bagni di Lucca with the thermal baths, Borgo a Mozzano with the famous Devil's bridge or Ponte della Maddalena, Fabbriche di Vallico and Villa Basilica where you can find many paper mills.

People living in the valley speak a particolar dialect called "Garfagnino" which is quite different from the language spoken in Lucca. In this area you can find many typical local products like farro I.G.P., chestnut flour D.O.P., mushrooms and world known cheeses.

In ancient time the valley was inhabited by the Apuans, that were defeated by the Romans between 180 B.C. and 155 B.C.. In middle ages and in the following centuries, the valley was dominated and influenced by various civilizations: the Estensi from Modena and the Florentines from the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

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