Grape Harvest

At the end of August, when grapes are ripe and ready to by picked, all the farmers in Lucca prepare for the grape harvest, selecting accurately the grapes to pick starting with the grapes used to produce white wine followed by the red grapes for red wine.

During this magic period, you can see the grape harvest and the whole process on wine making.

We offer the opportunity to participate actively at grape harvest, visiting wine cellars during wine production, showing the various phases that turn "a single bunch of grapes into a wonderful wine".

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Olive Harvest

October and November are the two months in which the farmers prepare for olive harvest. Preparing the fields for the harvest is a very delicate job: grass under the plants must be cut very short and netting is systemize to collect the olives that are made fall manually or using specific machines.

After many hours of hard work, at the end of the day the olives are collected in baskets and taken to the olive-press where they will be press to extract oil.

During this period you can live tours to the most beautiful farm estates on Lucca’s hills where you can actively participate at the olive harvest, follow a guided visit to an olive-press and see the whole procedure of olive oil making.

olive harvest tour oil tasting

Lucca's Olive Oils

Tailor-made tour and tasting

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