Cooking Courses

It is possible to follow a cooking course during which you can enjoy tasting wines and olive oil with food you learn to cook.

Personalized cooking courses can be followed discovering Lucca and Tuscan’s recipes, using exclusively fresh vegetables and fruit from our land, meat from private farms and fresh fish.

Our expert chefs and guides can teach you how to make bread, biscuits, cakes, first and second course meals typical of the traditional Lucca cooking, for example farro, soups, filled pasta (tordelli), steak, castagnaccio (cake made with chestnut flour), buccellato and others, discovering the authentic flavors of Tuscany’s cooking.

You can enjoy toasted bread with olive oil (bruschetta) and a fantastic glass of wine.

Explore typical and traditional dishes of Lucca

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Lucca's Olive Oils

Tailor-made tour and tasting

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Lucca Wine and Oil suggests only a few wine and olive oil tasting tours and guided visits that may be personalized according to your requests and needs.

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